SAAM's Toolbox

for autonomous vehicles implementation


Interested in implementing your own project in autonomous mobility? Beneficiate from our 3-step proven approach

1. Project scope and funding


Tailored training courses to familiarize project initiators with autonomous vehicles.
Access to expertise from SAAM members with experience in various aspects of automated driving (e.g., shuttles, goods delivery, regulatory compliance).

Funding and financial guidance


  • Assistance in identifying suitable funding sources for specific project needs.
  • Facilitation to access private funding through SAAM’s extensive network.
  • Co-funding opportunities available from SAAM.
  • Support in joining European Union (EU) projects and accessing related funding.
  • Study of the project’s economic feasibility
2. Getting started: planning & objectives

Legal and regulatory support

  • Assistance with the ASTRA procedure to authorize vehicles for public road use.
  • In-depth guidance on Switzerland’s legal framework for autonomous vehicles.

Project design, user needs and social acceptance

  • Conduct research to understand user needs and tailor the project accordingly.
  • Co-create the design of the project with the vehicles’ future users and the members of SAAM.
  • Study the conditions to gain public acceptance for the project.


  • Assistance to find the right insurance package and company tailored to the project’s needs.


  • Support to finding the right automated vehicle to fit the project’s requirements
3. Implementation

Technical expertise

  • Access to a diverse range of technical competencies offered by SAAM members, such as fleet management, software development, vehicle design, mobility services, cybersecurity and data protection, quality control and risk management, …

Promotion and public relations

  • Active promotion of projects through social media, magazines, and websites.
  • On-site visits by SAAM’s communication team to conduct interviews, create videos, and write articles for greater project visibility.
  • Demonstrations to political and public events, conferences and forums.
  • Media relations


Support for scaling up projects to national and European levels through SAAM’s international network.

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Beneficiate from our 3-step proven approach and get your own project in autonomous mobility rolling.

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