Current Laws and Guides for automated mobility in Switzerland

Laws and Guides

Navigating Swiss roads: current laws and guidelines for automated driving

Laws on automated driving

In Switzerland, current traffic law is being revised to allow vehicles up to SAE L4 to drive on public roads. The relevant ordinances are open to consultation until February 2024.

Two ordinances are open for consultation :

  1. Ordinance on Automated Driving
    Ordinance concerning Financial Support for Innovative Traffic Solutions
  2. For a comprehensive understanding of the context, you can find the draft ordinances and explanatory documents at the following links on the Federal Road Office (FEDRO) website :

> German
> French
> Italian

Below you will find our blog articles regarding the process of the new law.

We are expecting the new law to enter into force in 2025.

Our blog articles covering
the revision of the traffic law process

Current traffic law is being revised to allow vehicles up to SAE level 4 to legally drive on public roads. We expect it to enter into force mid-2025.


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