Automated vehicles showcased to 25’000 people in Zug


At the Zugfäscht festival in Zug (3rd September 2022), SAAM showcased not less than 5 incredible demos of automated vehicles to over 25’000 enthusiastic visitors! Some of these incredible demonstrations were unprecedented:


  • For the first time ever, the public had the opportunity to sit inside a driverless vehicle!!! Even children got to ride in the vehicle by themselves. Although actually, the vehicle wasn’t really driverless. The driver was piloting the vehicle remotely from the other side of Switzerland 😉
  • The unique retro-fitted automated shuttle that will soon circulate in the center of Schaffhausen was displayed in Zug for the first time! The public could appreciate Sensible’4 s first operating automated shuttle.
  • The “Robi” automated vehicle carries your luggages and follows you wherever you go. Families loved trying it out and saw lots of benefits in this cute little robot following them everywhere.
  • Children had so much fun driving the mini-vehicle using teleoperation technology. They were able to drive a vehicle remotely through the internet in Zug!
  • The visitors could see with their own eyes what automated vehicles can observe through their sensors. An object detection software showed in real-time what it’s like to be inside an automated vehicle’s brain.

It was fascinating to see how enthusiastic the visitors were on autonomous mobility technologies. In fact, there was a queue of people waiting to try out the driverless vehicle remotely operated from Fribourg. It was however interesting to observe that people didn’t consider the vehicle to be teleoperated, but thought it was purely autonomous as they saw the steering wheel turn by itself. 

Children and families also had fun being themselves in the seat of the teleoperator as they drove remotely a mini vehicle on the booth. They could also try out “Robi” which follows people autonomously. In addition, lots of questions were asked on the retro-fitted mini-bus that will circulate in Schaffhausen. People were amazed when they were told that the shuttle should be up and running in the coming months.

Overall, the event helped to raise awareness on autonomous mobility. People could try out the technologies through a unique experience. The reactions from the public were extremely positive and aroused their curiosity on the future of mobility. The organisers of the Zugfäscht mentioned that SAAM was the highlight of their event.