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Automated Vehicle Testing (AVT)

Automated Vehicle Testing (AVT)

Enabling OEMs to conduct vehicle dynamic testing without traditional robots, leveraging drive-by-wire systems and GPS technology to enhance flexibility and reduce operational costs. This innovative approach streamlines the testing process, maintaining high standards of accuracy and repeatability.

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Vehicle dynamic testing is routinely performed by OEMs for new prototypes and for production vehicles. Repeatability, accuracy, and driver’s feedback is essential. Our solution substitutes the obsolete driving robots that are currently used to perform such tests. Not having to use robots increase flexibility and reduces costs.


All that is required is the vehicle to have drive-by-wire systems and a mean of localization e.g., GPS.


Part of the project also involves an autonomous charging station, where cars come to recharge during the test runs.


We are currently testing this product with a German automotive OEM with the vision to ultimately completely automate test operations.

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