The first driverless delivery vehicle in Europe leverages remote supervision in Ebikon, exemplifying the future of efficient and automated urban logistics.

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“We’re delighted that with “Migronomous powered by LOXO” we’re launching the first autonomous delivery service in Switzerland,” says Lara Amini-Rentsch, LOXO’s co-founder.

And it’s not just a first for Switzerland, but for the whole of Europe too! The test phase of the pilot project is taking place in Ebikon, in the canton of Lucerne. The “LOXO Alpha” is in use from Monday to Friday, transporting orders from the nearby Migros supermarket to the premises of the Schindler elevator company.

And this is how it works: following a straightforward online ordering process, the products that have been requested from Migros are loaded into the delivery vehicle. The “LOXO Alpha” then sets off to cover the 500 meters to Schindler’s site where it supplies the respective items.

Child’s play? Not entirely. The vehicle uses its sensors to constantly scan its environment, navigating safely and emission-free through the surrounding traffic at a speed of 30 km/h. In order to ensure that all of this runs smoothly,  the first journeys made by the delivery vehicle are being monitored by a teleoperator. If required, this person can take control and thus guarantee the necessary level of safety. The intention is that complete automation of the delivery service should be achieved in the final phase of the pilot project.

“Swissness” and sustainability combined with technology: with its autonomous delivery vehicle, LOXO is creating a milestone in delivery logistics and proving that the future of mobility can be emission-free and sustainable.

Pictures provided by Schindler Group

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