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Autonomous Bus Depot Pre-Study

Autonomous Bus Depot Pre-Study

Can driverless buses help to optimise bus depots? Are autonomous bus depots technologically feasible and economically worthwhile? This pre-study project will answer these questions. Then, a real pilot project will be launched.

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Video of a bus-type vehicle driving on the Givisiez site

In the context where autonomous driving will bring major change to mobility as we know it, bus depots will likely be the first arena where buses can operate without drivers.

This project, named “AutoDepot”, consists of a pre-study to establish at a future stage a proof of concept of autonomous bus depot with a focus on autonomous traffic on site. This pre-study aims at defining the technical prerequisites for the implementation of such a concept in a Swiss context, at estimating its economic viability and at describing the legal framework in which it fits. The initiators of this project include several public transport companies, academics and technical partners. The pre-study should last four months, after which the proof of concept project will be launched in selected locations accross Switzerland.

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