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Automated Vehicle Marshalling (AVM)

Automated Vehicle Marshalling (AVM)

Embotech offers cutting-edge technologies for automating car production plants. Production efficiency is one of the core competitive advantages of any OEM. We are automating the last missing piece of the vehicle production jigsaw: driving the cars off the assembly line and into the logistics area, where cars are loaded on trucks and trains. Next-generation vehicles can be made fully autonomous within facilities that are equipped with V2X communication and infrastructure sensing technology, without requiring any costly sensor or computer hardware on the vehicles themselves. Our AVM solution includes the ability of coordinating and controlling multiple vehicles simultaneously.

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Revolutionizing Vehicle Logistics: The Dawn of Automated Marshalling

Embotech AG is dedicated to advancing the field of autonomous vehicle technology with its innovative Automated Vehicle Marshalling (AVM) project. This initiative aims to enhance the automation of vehicle logistics within automotive manufacturing environments, testing grounds, and logistics yards, offering a sophisticated solution to handle vehicles post-production seamlessly.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Optimal Efficiency

The AVM project by Embotech focuses on automating the transportation of vehicles from assembly lines to logistics areas, where they are prepared for shipping. Utilizing drive-by-wire technology and connectivity through LTE or WiFi, this system minimizes the need for heavy onboard sensors, thereby reducing costs and complexity.

At the core of Embotech’s AVM technology are the PRODRIVER and PROFLEET systems, designed to maneuver vehicles safely and efficiently through intricate environments. These systems can manage multiple vehicles simultaneously, ensuring efficient throughput and operational flow, which is crucial for maintaining high productivity levels in busy vehicle handling areas.

Adherence to Safety and the Future of Autonomous Operations

Furthermore, the AVM solution is designed to meet the health & safety requirements of the relevant EU and US directives. The addition of V2X communication and infrastructure sensing technologies allows next-generation vehicles to operate autonomously within facilities, without the necessity for expensive vehicle modifications.

Embotech’s commitment to this project reflects its broader goal of transforming traditional automotive logistics through Swiss engineering and innovation. This approach aims to redefine industry standards and demonstrate the transformative potential of autonomous mobility systems in improving vehicle management and operational efficiency.

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