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Driverless logistics and the Embotruck

Driverless logistics and the Embotruck

Embotech’s Embotruck pilot project is spearheading the integration of automated technology into logistics operations. This initiative involves the deployment of an AutomatedTerminal Truck (ATT) designed to handle complex tasks in dynamic environments. Currently being tested at a major European harbour terminal, the Embotruck exemplifies advancements in safety and efficiency, potentially setting new industry standards for automated logistics solutions.

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Embotech’s Embotruck pilot project envisions a transformative leap in logistics automation by deploying its Automated Terminal Truck (ATT), known as the Embotruck. This initiative aims to revolutionize the way logistics operations are conducted, particularly in busy and complex environments like container terminals.

Vision Unveiled: Transforming Logistics with the Embotruck

The core vision of the Embotruck pilot project is to enhance the efficiency, safety, and resilience of logistics operations through advanced automation. Embotech is determined to tackle the modern challenges of transportation logistics by integrating automated technology that can adeptly handle both routine and unexpected situations in dynamic environments.

Advanced Features & Strategic Capabilities

The Embotruck, a driverless terminal truck, is designed to operate in mixed traffic conditions, demonstrating an advanced capability to perform complex maneuvers such as lane changes and navigating around obstacles while interacting with manually driven vehicles. This showcases not only the technical prowess of the vehicle but also its ability to ensure safety and maintain operational flow.

Progress and Real-World Application

After extensive retrofitting and rigorous testing on a test track in Zurich, the Embotruck has been relocated to a container terminal in Europe. This relocation marks a significant phase of the project, moving from controlled testing environments to real-world operational settings. At a major European harbour terminal, the Embotruck is undergoing further testing. These tests are crucial for observing and improving the vehicle’s performance and safety in actual terminal operations, providing insights into the practical application of such advanced automated systems.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Automated Logistics

Embotech’s project is positioned at a critical juncture where the results from ongoing real-world operational settings will dictate future developments. Success in these tests could lead to wider adoption of automated terminal trucks, setting a new standard for logistics operations globally.

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