SAAM rocks the delegates’ meeting of the FDP 

With three selected showcases, SAAM will demonstrate on 21 January 2023 in Dübendorf how autonomous mobility works and what added value it has for society and the environment. The focus will be on experiencing Swiss innovations, which are possible thanks to the support of goal-oriented economic policy and promising partnerships. 

 Up to 400 people are expected to attend the delegates’ meeting of the FDP, which will be held on the premises of the former military airfield in Dübendorf. Today, the site is home to one of Switzerland’s largest innovation parks. The ideal environment to present projects from the SAAM universe. Participants will be able to directly experience and try out autonomous mobility. 

The first showcase is LOXO, the automated delivery vehicle. LOXO was developed for the first and last mile, so that goods purchased online can be delivered efficiently and reliably to their clientele. Since the vehicle is electrically powered, it has no CO2 emissions at all. At the delegates’ meeting, LOXO will be on site with the start-up’s founders to demonstrate how the delivery works. The attendees can talk directly with the founders about their experiences. More information about LOXO can be found here:

Swiss Transit Lab’s “Line 13” is SAAM’s second showcase at the Delegates Assembly. With “Line 13”, an automated vehicle (Level 4) with dual-mode technology is being used in a pilot project for the first time in Switzerland. The FDP delegates will have the opportunity to sit in the vehicle to get an impression of the technology. The STL board will be on hand to show FDP delegates how a regular road vehicle can be retrofitted with automated driving technology and how the vehicle will be used in public transport. Information on Swiss Transit Lab can be found here:

SAAM closes the circle of showcases with Embotech. Embotech is a leading provider of decision-making software for autonomous driving systems based in Zurich. The name stands for Embedded Optimization Technologies and was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich. Today the Zurich-based company is a growing, technical SME in the heart of Europe with an international clientele. Around 60 engineers, software developers and visionaries from 15 different nations and a wide range of professional backgrounds show how innovation is successfully implemented in Switzerland. Those present at the delegates’ meeting will have the opportunity to sit in the so-called EmboVan, where they will receive more information about the product and the company. The participants can also talk personally with the CTO of the company, as well as other experts. More information about Embotech can be found here:

The speech of the former president of SAAM, Thierry Burkart, at the delegates’ meeting is eagerly awaited. Today, Thierry Burkart sets the course for the future of Switzerland as FDP party president and member of the Council of States. Also on hand is Hans Wicki, FDP member of the Council of States, and the current SAAM president.

Autonomous vehicles will fundamentally change mobility in Switzerland. The fact that the FDP Switzerland recognizes the signs of the times and is strongly committed to Switzerland as a location for innovation and the further development of mobility is also a vote for Switzerland as a successful research location.

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