SAAM at SmartSuisse: Promoting autonomous mobility in Switzerland and strengthening collaborations for an innovative future of mobility 

SAAM was present at the SmartSuisse conference in Basel on March 28 and 29 as part of the Sustainability Days. The 1500 visitors were able to discover the importance of SAAM at the Swiss level, which plays a key role…

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SAAM stand at SmartSuisse 2023 (credit photo MCH Group AG)

SAAM was present at the SmartSuisse conference in Basel on March 28 and 29 as part of the Sustainability Days. The 1500 visitors were able to discover the importance of SAAM at the Swiss level, which plays a key role in the promotion of autonomous mobility, by bringing together the players in the sector and facilitating collaboration for the introduction of new technologies and mobility offers.

At the booth, visitors could learn more about the organization and its various projects. Two of our 32 members, SwissMoves and Swiss Transit Lab, were present to showcase their projects and ideas. This allowed us to illustrate in a concrete way the advances and opportunities offered by autonomous mobility, to the great pleasure of those present.

SwissMoves allowed more than 100 people to experience teleoperation!

On the stand, a screen broadcasted live the paths on the lower Congress floor of the “Perceptin”, a vehicle teleoperated from Fribourg. 

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Visitors were invited to take a seat and personally experience driving without a driver on board. For many of them it was a great first! During the trip, they were made aware of the technology and its many concrete uses. According to the last modification of the road traffic law, which legally paves the way for the future of autonomous mobility, a remote supervisor is mandatory for each autonomous vehicle, in order to be able to take control of the vehicle in case of necessity. Teleoperation technology is therefore a necessary step towards the future of 100% autonomous driving.

Swiss Transit Lab’s Linie 13, first use of dual-mode technology on Swiss roads

Second actor present with us, Swiss Transit Lab (STL) did not go unnoticed! Their electrically powered Toyota minibus was presented on the SAAM stand. Visitors had the opportunity to talk directly with the members of Swiss Transit Lab. They learned that for the first time, an automated vehicle (level 4) with Dual-Mode technology will be used in Switzerland. With an operational launch scheduled for April 12, SmartSuisse was the last presentation before the real-life implementation on Swiss roads!

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As Thomas Haiz, a member of the STL Board, reveals, one of the keys to the Linie 13 project lies in the use of a commercially available dual-mode vehicle that is subsequently equipped with state-of-the-art sensors. This pragmatic approach makes it possible to benefit from technological solutions already proven on the market, while adapting the vehicle to the specific needs of the STL project (retro-fit). The approach to innovation thus incorporates a holistic vision, taking into account both technological advances and end-user needs, to ensure the relevance and sustainability of the Linie 13 project.

Joining forces for autonomous mobility: SAAM strengthens cooperation for an innovative future of mobility in Switzerland

The event also provided excellent networking opportunities, including with Jürg Röthlisberger, Director of the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), who was enthusiastic about the many autonomous mobility projects in Switzerland. These meetings allowed to exchange on the stakes and the opportunities related to this field, as well as to reinforce the collaborations between SAAM and the concerned actors.

It is clear that autonomous vehicles will have a significant impact on tomorrow’s mobility, and that partnerships between the different actors are essential to foster their adoption. SAAM will continue to play an active role in this transformation. By strengthening collaborations and fostering innovation, SAAM is contributing to the development of efficient, sustainable and safe mobility concepts.

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